Clinical Exchange Group

Our Clinical Exchange Groups (CEGs) are forums of senior clinical representatives from major hospital groups around the world. They work collaboratively with Getz Clinical product managers to provide clinical governance and guidance on product innovations.

The CEGs address key clinical topics and concerns, exchange information and enhance the Getz Clinical product suite to ensure we achieve our goal of improving the quality of patient care within health systems worldwide.


Doctor Patrick Musto (United Kingdom)

Doctor Alan Millard (Australia)

Induction and IntraOp CEG

Associate Professor Ong Biauw Chi (Singapore)

Associate Professor Goh Meng Huat (Singapore)

Doctor Patrick Musto (United Kingdom)

Doctor Tiffany Glass (Australia)

Doctor Lee Kwang Yang Aaron (Singapore)

Doctor Alan Millard (Australia)

Doctor Allan Palmer (Australia)

Doctor Andrew Potter (Australia)

Doctor Richard Semenov (Australia)

Doctor Morne Terblanche (Australia)


Steve Eden (Australia)

Emily Lucas (Australia)

Andrew Higgins (Australia)

Joanne Ladewig (Australia)

Acute Pain CEG

Associate Professor Pam Macintyre (Australia)

Doctor Peter Goodyear (Australia)

Doctor Edward Murphy (Australia)

Michelle Cranna (Australia)

Surgical CEG

Doctor Vilmar Morales (Philippines)

Doctor Matt Ryan (Australia)

Analytics CEG

Doctor Patrick Musto (United Kingdom)

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