Follow the links for further information on Getz Clinical customer case studies:

Queensland Health (Australia)

Getz Clinical's solutions are operational in the majority of Queensland Health hospitals. It remains the largest perioperative hospital network operating in the world. Case studies for individual hospitals within the Queensland Health network include:

Singapore Health (Singapore)

Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and National Heart Centre (NHC) collects over 100,000 messages per day such as theatre bookings, drug alerts and patient records, all captured through our IntraOp and PACU modules.

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (United Kingdom)

The first hospital in the United Kingdom to implement a managed perioperative information management system.

Forté Health (New Zealand)

Getz Clinical's perioperative modules have been used to track, monitor and store all attending patient records, ultimately realising Forté Health’s objective of streamlined and paperless administrative processes.

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital (South Africa)

Getz Clinical's suite of perioperative modules were implemented in the hospital’s Trauma Directorate, which receives approximately 350 patients per day, a number which can easily double over a weekend.

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