Getz Clinical Expands Suite of Clinical Software with the Introduction of Surgical Module

ADELAIDE, 12 August 2017 - Getz Clinical today announced the launch of its Surgical module, a web-based solution that enables surgeons to record and document surgical procedures, annotate data derived from imaging devices and produce surgical reports.

Surgical module is an essential addition to their fully integrated suite of Perioperative Electronic Medical Record System. Surgical reports can record information such as surgical procedure, diagnosis, postoperative orders, complications and equipment used during surgery. Images can be uploaded and stock anatomical images can be annotated to indicate surgical precision. This data is stored in the patient's medical history in the Getz Clinical suite of integrated modules. Perioperative information collected during a surgical procedure can then be used and transformed into insights using Getz Clinical Analytics+ module.

"We want to provide our clients with a smart e-health tool to expedite data entry and allow them more time to focus on patients" said Kristy Henderson, Chief Product Officer at Getz Clinical. 

"By spending time in theatre and observing the surgical process, we noted surgeons want to quickly annotate information after a procedure and have time to follow up with further detail when time permits. With the use of the Surgical module, surgeons can easily produce consistent, intelligible surgical reports, that can reflect immediately in a hospital's patient administration system via integration. We pride ourselves on being interoperable to ensure clinicians have the right information at the right time wherever they need it within their clinical systems." she added. 


"Built in conjunction with surgeons from Australia, Canada, and the Philippines, the introduction of the Surgical module is a milestone for Getz Clinical. Fundamentally speaking, we developed Surgical module to help our clients improve the accuracy of their surgical records and be able to bring it together with other perioperative information such as preoperative assessments, anaesthetic, and post operative reports. This provides a holistic perioperative view for the patient which can ultimately enhance future patient care." said James Rennie, CEO at Getz Clinical.

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