GCC Surgical

GCC Surgical

GCC Surgical is a web-based module that enables surgeons to document surgical procedures, annotate data derived from imaging devices and generate surgical reports.

Surgical departments can pre-configure Operation Report templates for various surgical procedures including attaching associated images for annotation and surgery specific post op orders configuration.

Surgical reports are created using pre-configured, hospital-defined or individual templates and can include items such as procedure details, and standing orders.

A fully manipulable 2D anatomical model can be positioned to best reflect the operation site and annotated for inclusion on the surgical report.

Digital photography or still images can be imported and recorded in the surgical report.

Surgeons can record diagnosis, findings, complications and postoperative orders with ease while embedded ICD-10, Medicare Benefits Scheme and other coding systems ensure claims are accurate and do not add administrative burden.

A copy of the surgical report and postoperative orders is stored in the patient’s medical history and is uploaded to the GCC Chronology module.

Benefits of the GCC Surgical module

  • Expedites data entry for surgeons through pre-populated, comprehensive picklists, procedure templates and imported patient data.
  • Produces a legible surgical report that is immediately available in a hospital’s patient administration system via integration.
  • Produces legible postoperative orders that are immediately available to clinicians in recovery.
  • Records procedure classifications for reporting and billing purposes.

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