Getz Clinical unveils “Major Breakthrough in Healthcare Analytics”

ADELAIDE, 1 August 2017 - Healthcare data grows at an amazing size, speed, and variety every day. This includes perioperative information collected during surgical and anaesthetic procedures. It would be a waste if this important data was not captured and turned into insights. Getz Clinical today announced a major breakthrough as they released Analytics+ to complement their leading Perioperative Electronic Medical Records System. This powerful tool allows non-technical users such as healthcare executives, managers and clinicians to capture, process, analyse and distribute meaningful reports and dashboards faster than ever before.  

Analytics+ allows different stakeholders to easily access dashboards with information relevant to their needs. Healthcare executives can readily view business metrics such as revenues, cost and patient satisfaction. Managers can see operational indicators in real-time allowing them to act and respond quicker. Doctors can analyse clinical indicators and perform research inquiries in a matter of seconds, instead of hours to months. All of these translate to reduced cost and better outcomes for patients.

“Analytics+ gives our clients the leverage and advantage in this demanding market. It allows them to see trends and insights that no one else does. Other analytics solutions are too expensive and difficult to use for non-technical users and this is exactly the problems that we solve,” said James Rennie, CEO, Getz Clinical.

“As a clinician and health informatics professional, I understand how data can be used to care for our patients from disease prevention to finding the right treatment. This inspired us to build a team of nurses and IT experts and develop a platform that is both advanced and user-friendly for all users. We want to empower all stakeholders to use and analyse healthcare data from the top-level executive, to the clinicians and even the patients,” said Kristian Sumabat, RN, CPHIMS, Head of Analytics, Getz Clinical. “We want to take the stress out of extracting the data, cleaning and processing it for the clinicians and allow them to focus on analysing and making meaningful decisions from their data,” he added. 

The launch of Analytics+ will soon be followed by the release of the new Surgical module - a fully-featured electronic medical record designed specifically for the perioperative environment. Qualified customers can enjoy using Analytics+ and Surgical at no additional cost with their existing subscription. While new clients in Australia and New Zealand, and certain parts of the world, are entitled to an introductory discounted price. 

“These enhancements and new features will strengthen our position in the market even further as a leader and innovator in providing perioperative technology solutions,” said Kristy Henderson, Chief of Product, Getz Clinical.  

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