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4 May 2017: Is the peri-operative specialty getting left behind in the digital race?

Elective surgery waitlists are out of control in Australia (Victoria, NSW, WA, Tasmania, and South Australia) it is hard for a week to go by without a news of another problem.

23 March 2017: iPads in Every Hospital, is the electronic healthcare dream almost a reality?

Healthcare innovators dream of a connected healthcare system. In this dream, there are no silos of data, patients are empowered with their health data and healthcare providers have all the information they need at their fingers.

10 March 2017: What is IoT and how does it apply to healthcare?

IoT is known as the internet of things. Simply put, it is the ability to connect numerous devices to send data to each other through the internet.

6 March 2017: Reduce Errors through improved OR-to- Recovery Handoff

A handoff protocol enhanced communication while slashing errors among nurses, anesthesiologists and surgeons during the transfer of patients from the operating room to the recovery rooms.

28 February 2017: 2017 is the Global Year Against Pain After Surgery

Thousands of Australians undergo surgery every year, nearly a quarter of those patients experience long lasting pain symptoms.

21 February 2017: Do mobile health solutions demonstrate cost benefits?

The answer is yes. A recent study by Iribarren et Al demonstrated that 74% of published mHealth studies yielded an economic benefit.

21 February 2017: Action your Perioperative Data with New Releases from Getz Clinical Cloud

If asked why is good clinical documentation essential, what would you say? Many clinicians respond by highlighting that patient care facilitates communication between providers.

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