Getz Clinical Celebrates Anaesthesia Awareness Week

On World Anaesthesia Day this year, Getz Clinical pays tribute to anaesthesiologists by celebrating company-wide “Anaesthesia Awareness Week” from 11-16th October 2021. Informational short videos were shared within the organization to raise awareness on how anaesthesia works, common misconceptions around anaesthesia, and understand present challenges for anaesthesiologists. 

World Anaesthesia Day is celebrated on 16th of October each year to mark the first successful public display of anaesthesia back in 1846. This discovery changed the future of surgery forever, making possible for the patients to undergo painless surgical treatments. Anaesthesiologists undergo tens of years of training and specialization to be able to administer safe anaesthesia as per patient and surgery requirements. Anesthesiologists are also at the center of perioperative care and have crucial roles in patient safety and patient outcomes.  

As a company providing Anaesthesia Information Management System (AIMS), Getz Clinical recognises its role in raising the much-needed education about anaesthesia and countering misinformation. We strive to be industry focused and understand our customer’s emerging requirements. On the 175th World Anaesthesia Day, Getz Clinical re-affirms its commitment to enabling efficient clinical workflows for anaesthesiologists and strengthen patient care. 

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