Singapore Health

Associate Professor Ong Biauw Chi, Director of Patient Safety and Clinical Governance and Senior Consultant, Department of Anaesthesiology, Singapore General Hospital

Associate Professor Goh Meng Huat, National Heart Centre Singapore, Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia Senior Consultant

Hospital profile

Founded in 1821, Singapore General Hospital is the country’s largest tertiary acute hospital and national referral centre. A member of the SingHealth-Duke NUS Academic Medical Centre, it is the main training hospital in the country for doctors and other healthcare professionals, and supports a diverse range of research projects.

With over 1,600 beds, Singapore General Hospital accounts for about a quarter of the total acute hospital beds in the public sector and one-fifth of acute beds nationwide. The hospital treats 78,000 inpatients and performs 80,000 surgical operations annually in its 37 operating theatres.

Singapore General Hospital is also the inpatient and surgical facility of the National Heart Centre, a 185 bed national and regional referral centre for cardiovascular medicine where 1,000 surgeries are performed each year.

Singapore General Hospital and the National Heart Centre are managed by Singapore Health Services (SingHealth), the largest healthcare group in the country. 

Client: Singapore Health Services (Public Sector)
Implementation: December 2013
Modules: IntraOp, PACU, Analytics, Chronology and Admin
Location: Singapore
Operating Theatres: 41
Induction Bays: 35

The hospital’s challenge

In 2013 SingHealth sought an Anaesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) to replace their existing paper-based record keeping process at the two SingHealth hospitals.

With nearly 1,000 doctors and 4,000 nurses, there was a need for a system that would document cases consistently and efficiently, and provide clear and comprehensive records.

Striving to continually improve on their quality of care, SingHealth also sought to analyse data to identify areas in which patient safety and clinical processes could be improved.

Getz Clinical solution

Getz Clinical was awarded the project through a competitive process.

Its modules were selected on their ease of use and ability to interface seamlessly with various brands and models of patient monitoring devices and existing information systems used by the hospital.

The IntraOp and PACU modules, along with supporting infrastructure and touch screen hardware, were implemented across both hospitals.

Installation included hardware (client touch screen monitors and server infrastructure), professional implementation services, training services, technical support services and configuration.

The hospital incorporated Getz Clinical-led change management strategies which enabled clinicians and administrators to adapt to the modules immediately.

Today, Singapore General Hospital collects over 100,000 messages per day such as theatre bookings, drug alerts and patient records, all captured through the Getz Clinical IntraOp and PACU modules.

This information is fed via three channels into various hospital applications such as the hospital information system, operating theatre management system and clinical management system.

The immediacy of data capture enables clinicians to assess patient information at the most recent point of care and from previous episodes of care. The comprehensive data improves clinical decision-making and significantly enhances patient safety.

The large sample base of the patient data captured by the modules facilitates ongoing research to continuously improve patient care outcomes.

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