Getz Clinical Cloud is a fully integrated suite of clinical software modules designed specifically for the acute care environment.

Individual modules automatically capture patient data in the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative phases and include acute pain management recording.

Each patient’s medical history is collated into a consolidated record that is accessible from any secure portal, ensuring that clinicians can access the right patient information at any time.

Getz Clinical Cloud modules are accessed via purpose-built Getz Touch medical-grade hardware devices installed in induction bays, operating theatres and PACU/recovery rooms, or via web-based portals suited for both personal computers and mobile devices.

Our enterprise-level subscription offering is scalable so it grows as your hospital or group of hospitals grows. The architecture of our modules complies with HL7 standards, ensuring seamless interfacing with hospital patient administration systems, theatre booking systems and all models of patient monitoring equipment.

Full perioperative solution

Getz Clinical Cloud is a comprehensive suite of surgical and anaesthesia software modules that supports and enhances the perioperative workflow from preoperative assessment through to post anaesthetic care unit. Clinical modules include PreOp, Induction, IntraOp, PACU, Acute Pain, Remote Assist, Bookings and Surgical.

These modules build legible and accessible anaesthesia and surgical reports provide clinicians and hospital administrators with the most relevant and up-to-date clinical information. The perioperative modules work in concert with all other Getz Clinical modules to provide greater benefits through consolidated patient data.

By deploying the Getz Clinical Chronology module enterprise-wide, individual clinical records can be accessed at any location through the use of industry standard messaging (HL7). Getz Clinical Analytics enables hospitals to create visually expressive reports instantly and use captured data for statistical reporting, clinical studies and hospital efficiency improvements. The Getz Clinical Admin module enables hospitals to configure Getz Clinical modules to meet their specific administrative and clinical needs.


The modules in Getz Clinical’s Anaesthesia suite capture clinical information from patient monitoring equipment and other medical devices. They enable clinicians to annotate patient data and thoroughly document cases. At the conclusion of each case an electronic patient record is generated.

Anaesthesia modules:


The Theatre suite of modules displays the progress of each theatre and enables theatre managers to maintain wait lists and schedule staff.

Theatre modules:


Getz Clinical Surgical enables surgeons to document surgical procedures, annotate data derived from patient monitors and generate surgical reports.

Surgical module:


Getz Clinical Insights collates real-time and historical patient information obtained from Getz Clinical Cloud modules and hospital information systems such as Patient Administration Systems (PAS), and enables clinicians to view it anywhere within a hospital enterprise system. Hospitals can create visually expressive reports instantly and use captured data for statistical reporting, clinical studies and improvements in hospital efficiencies.

Insight modules:


Getz Clinical Administration enables hospitals to configure any Getz Clinical module to their specific operating and administrative requirements.

Administration modules:

  • Admin (included with all installations)

Download the Getz Clinical Cloud Perioperative Software Brochure

Download the Getz Touch GT-30-19 Technical Specifications Brochure

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