Getz Clinical Anaesthesia

Getz Clinical Anaesthesia is a comprehensive suite of clinical software modules that supports and enhances the perioperative workflow from preoperative assessment through to post anaesthetic care units.

These modules build legible and accessible anaesthesia-based clinical artefacts about patients, providing clinicians and hospital administrators with the most relevant and up-to-date clinical information. By deploying the Getz Clinical Chronology module enterprise-wide, individual clinical records can be accessed at any location through the use of industry standard messaging (HL7).

Each Anaesthesia module can be configured to ensure that hospital and clinical guidelines are followed. This improves patient safety and compliance with hospital protocols.

The powerful Anaesthesia suite of modules enables hospitals to monitor and manage costs and ensure that:

  • operating theatre start times are consistent
  • the patient journey through various perioperative departments is smooth
  • hospital resources are optimised

Anaesthesia modules

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