Getz Clinical Acute Pain

Getz Clinical Acute Pain

The Getz Clinical Acute Pain module offers a mobile, point-of-care solution for documenting acute pain service (APS) information. Observations and other details that can be documented include:

  • pain and nausea scores
  • modalities of pain relief
  • medications
  • side effects
  • motor and sensitivity responses
  • functional activity scores
  • block levels and Bromage scores

Patients may be referred to the acute pain service team via the Induction, IntraOp or PACU modules while new patient records can be created directly in the Acute Pain module.

The module is intuitive and easy to use, and interviews are less arduous for patients because their case notes are easily accessible to the clinicians treating them. Clinicians can schedule patients to be revisited by the acute pain service team, discharge patients from pain rounds and reinstate discharged patients.

A copy of the acute pain report and discharge plan is stored in the patient’s file and is uploaded to the Getz Clinical Chronology module.

Benefits of the Acute Pain module

  • Clinicians can manage and document pain rounds electronically and efficiently.
  • Patient histories, including anaesthesia and recovery reports, are available at the touch of a button for clinicians with access.
  • Clinicians can compare modalities, pain scores and other data.

Download the Getz Clinical Acute Pain Brochure

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