Getz Clinical IntraOp and Induction

Getz Clinical Induction and IntraOp

The Getz Clinical IntraOp and Induction modules enable anaesthetists to streamline the process of recording and annotating data derived from patient monitors and imported from hospital information systems.

Used in operating theatres (IntraOp) and induction bays (Induction), these compatible modules enable hospitals to generate accurate anaesthetic records. Data entry is via a touch screen interface on the Getz Touch GT-30-19 multimedia wide-screen medical-grade computer.

Patient vitals can be annotated and every aspect of a case can be fully documented including induction, regional blocks, medications and fluids, critical events and postoperative orders. Referrals to the acute pain service team can be made within the modules.

Staff in attendance and staff changes can be recorded easily. In-built validation ensures that the patient workflow is completed correctly and that reports are previewed before patients move to the next step of their perioperative experience. Anaesthesia reports are automatically generated and saved in the Chronology module.

Benefits of the Induction and IntraOp modules

  • Data recording is up to 93% faster than with traditional paper-based reporting methods.
  • Physiological data from patient monitoring equipment is automatically captured and stored.
  • Data entry by clinicians is expedited by pre-populated, comprehensive and configurable picklists, an intuitive touch screen interface, and large tabs and buttons. Recorded data can be audited.
  • Incidents of iatrogenic harm are significantly reduced.
  • Comprehensive, full-colour reports are generated automatically.
  • Clinicians are able to spend more time with patients.
  • Default preferences can be set for multiple anaesthetic scenarios, including regional blocks.
  • Access to the preoperative and anaesthetic history of patients is at the touch of a button.

Download the Getz Clinical IntraOp and Induction Brochure

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