Getz Clinical PACU

Getz Clinical PACU

The Getz Clinical PACU module is for use in post anaesthetic care units and continues the process of automated charting begun in the Getz Clinical Induction and IntraOp modules. Data entry is via a touch screen interface on the Getz Touch GT-30-19 multimedia wide-screen medical-grade computer.

Vital signs downloaded directly from patient monitors can be annotated. Observations and other details can be recorded manually, including:

  • medications and fluids
  • pain, nausea and sedation scores
  • wound and pain management
  • neurovascular assessments and Bromage scores
  • level of consciousness, airway management and patient disposition
  • arterial blood gas (ABG) and pathology results
  • discharge protocol and ward instructions
  • ward equipment (for tracking and inventory)
  • arrest and critical events

Staff in attendance and staff changes can be recorded easily.

A recovery report is automatically generated and saved in the Chronology module.

Benefits of the PACU module

  • Clinicians have immediate access to data and reports generated in Getz Clinical’s PreOp, Induction and IntraOp modules via Getz Clinical’s Chronology module.
  • Nurses can communicate with anaesthetists, consultants and colleagues using web-based remote communication tools.
  • Staff in attendance can be recorded and updated at handover.
  • Physiological data from all patient monitors is automatically captured.
  • Clinicians can annotate patient data quickly and easily through pre-populated and comprehensive picklists.
  • Data entry is up to 93% faster than with traditional paper-based reporting methods.

Download the Getz Clinical PACU Brochure

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