Getz Clinical PreOp

Getz Clinical PreOp

The Getz Clinical PreOp module enables clinicians to manage preoperative assessments of patients through multidisciplinary and customisable questionnaires.

PreOp is a web-based module that can be accessed from any standard browser with an internet connection.

Patients can complete an online health assessment from their home or from a kiosk located in a preoperative or surgical clinic. Completed questionnaires are saved in the Getz Clinical Chronology module included with any installation at no cost.

Clinicians can review patient self-assessments and document:

  • anaesthetic, surgical and medication history
  • allergies and alerts
  • examination data (Mallampati, vitals and dentition details)
  • risk assessment criteria (smoking, alcohol, recreational drug use, and heart and respiratory issues that can affect patient safety in surgery)
  • post-procedure care
  • radiology, pathology and investigative orders and results

Alerts can be added to warn clinicians of adverse reactions patients may have to various substances, current medications and disabilities. These alerts trigger notifications when hospital protocols may need to be followed in relation to specific issues.

Inbuilt security protocols ensure clinicians only access patient data relevant to their role-based authorisation profile, as set by the hospital or hospital enterprise.

Benefits of the PreOp module

  • The intuitive screen design enables clinicians to capture patient data quickly and accurately, increasing the efficiency with which preoperative consultations are conducted.
  • Clinicians can target specific issues that may be a risk to surgery as early in the process as possible.
  • Health-related information is gathered and collated with a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) throughout their perioperative experience.
  • Accurate records of health assessments and examinations are produced.
  • The running costs of preadmission clinics are reduced by up to 60%.
  • A greater number of patients can be assessed without increasing clinic resources.
  • Potential delays in theatre can be decreased by ensuring patients do not need to attend multiple interviews.
  • Operating theatre use improves due to fewer surgical cancellations.

Download the Getz Clinical PreOp Brochure

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