Getz Clinical Remote Assist

Getz Clinical Remote Assist

The Getz Clinical Remote Assist module enables clinicians to remotely view and monitor the status of Getz Touch devices running:

  • the Getz Clinical Induction module in induction rooms
  • the Getz Clinical IntraOp module in operating rooms
  • the Getz Clinical PACU module in PACU/recovery rooms

Senior clinicians can monitor a case in an operating theatre or recovery bay where a less experienced clinician is working, or an anaesthetist in a remote location can be consulted during a difficult procedure – they can see everything on the Getz Touch screen and give advice.

Remote connections can be lnitiated from the web-based Remote Assist module or a module running on a Getz Touch device.

Security is assured as no third party applications are required to perform a remote view. Remote access is audited.

Benefits of the Getz Clinical Remote Assist module

  • Clinicians can remotely view cases running in the Induction, IntraOp and PACU modules.
  • Eliminates the need for clinicians to be physically present to access information on a remote Getz Touch device.
  • Improves training and consultation.
  • Full auditing of alll remote connections and acceptances and regulations.

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