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Getz Clinical Chronology

The Getz Clinical Chronology module collates the histories of individual patients – reports, alerts, test results and images – and displays these items on a timeline. Items can be sorted chronologically or by item type. A patient’s clinical record may span many years and document items from multiple episodes of care, creating a comprehensive, graphical record of the patient’s medical history.

The Chronology module is integrated with all Getz Clinical Cloud modules. As a patient progresses though the continuum of care, alerts entered in each module and reports generated by each module are automatically uploaded to the patient’s electronic medical record. The reports include:

  • preoperative assessments from the PreOp module
  • induction reports from the Induction module
  • anaesthesia and vitals snapshot reports from the IntraOp module
  • recovery reports from the PACU module
  • acute pain services reports from the Acute Pain module
  • surgical reports from the Surgical module

Clinicians and hospital staff can manually upload additional items such as notes, referral letters, consent forms, pathology reports and scanned images. Any item in a patient’s electronic medical record can be viewed by clicking on it.

User accounts and password access maintain the security of the data. User access to patient records creates an audit trail which can be viewed by system administrators.

Chronology is included with all installations of the Getz Clinical Cloud at no additional cost.

Benefits of the Chronology module

  • Clinicians have immediate access to the medical history of each patient, which increases the efficiency of attending anaesthetists and surgeons and significantly reduces incidents of iatrogenic harm.
  • Chronology builds a comprehensive, graphical record of each patient’s medical history that may span many years.

Getz Clinical Analytics

The Getz Clinical Analytics module automatically procures patient data from other Getz Clinical modules to compile logically grouped datasets such as meds/fluids, equipment utilisation, location utilisation and staff utilisation for an enterprise or hospital facility.

Each dataset includes a range of filters and selection options to enable hospitals to instantly create visually expressive reports. Hospitals can tailor reports to their requirements, produce standard reports and conduct benchmarking.

Data collected can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • case discussions and clinical reviews
  • education
  • governance
  • auditing
  • risk management
  • hospital management

Analytics is included with all installations of the Getz Clinical Cloud at no additional cost.

Benefits of the Analytics module

The Analytics module:

  • reduces inefficiencies and associated costs by identifying the performance statistics of each theatre or recovery unit
  • provides support for regulatory compliance, clinical governance and work practice reforms
  • provides accurate data on the use of resources
  • enables hospitals to analyse data for medical research and support evidence-based protocols

Download the Getz Clinical Analytics Brochure

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