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Getz Clinical Bookings

Getz Clinical Bookings is a web-based module that enables hospital administrators to view and manage bookings for the Getz Clinical modules that run in induction bays, operating theatres and recovery bays.

The Bookings module can be used as a standalone bookings system to create manual bookings. For hospitals that can generate theatre bookings via their patient administration system, these bookings can be imported into Getz Clinical Cloud and viewed (but not edited) in the Bookings module.

In the Bookings module clinicans and theatre administrators can:

  • view bookings by patient or by booking details (such as location or surgeon)
  • add and edit bookings
  • add and edit patient information
  • export bookings lists to a PDF file

Getz Clinical Board

The Getz Clinical Board module is an electronic whiteboard designed to be displayed in theatre complexes.

Board displays the location of each patient, the current status of the theatres in the complex and the staff assigned to them.

A public version of Board is also available. This can be positioned in waiting areas to enable families of patients to view the progress of procedures while maintaining the privacy of patients and staff.

Benefits of the Theatre Bookings and Theatre Board modules

  • Drives efficiencies in theatre utilisation
  • Automatically acquires data
  • Creates operating lists and instant bookings
  • Reduces anxiety for families awaiting the outcome of procedures.

Download the Getz Clinical Bookings Brochure

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