Getz Clinical Announces Partnership with PSA

The Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists Midyear Convention

Getz Clinical is proud to announce their momentous partnership with the Philippines Society of Anaesthesiologists (PSA) during the PSA Mid-Year Convention held at LimKetKai Luxe Hotel in Cagayan De Oro City on April 27-29, 2017.

The e-Learning Platform

The partnership not only strengthened the link between medical practice and technology application to improve quality health care services but also created an opportunity to maximise the use of modern technology for academic purposes through an on-line learning platform. Getz Clinical, as a leading developer of Anaesthesia Information Management System (AIMS), provided PSA access to eLearning platform where a repository of courses is managed by physicians and made available at their convenience.

Dr. Ethel Mendoza, an Anaesthesiologist, and a Clinical Informatics Consultant of the Medical Information Management Division of The Medical City stated that:

"I think that the PSA and Getz Clinical partnership is a good one. The availability of academic resources that we can access virtually anywhere, any time of the day, will greatly help in managing our time as Residents/Fellows/Consultants as we balance our professional life and continuing education requirements."

Getz Clinical CPO, Kristy Henderson, all geared up for the launch.

The Launch

The formal launch transpired during a symposium on the 2ND day of the convention headed by Getz Clinical Chief Product Officer (CPO) Kristy Henderson. In her keynote speech, she expressed:

“I am pleased to represent Getz Clinical and formalise our partnership with the Philippine Society of Anaesthesiologists. We envision the Filipino health care community gearing towards technological advancement and more importantly quality of care with the array of products and services we provide.”

In this event, she also showcased Getz Clinical’s AIMS, the first software solution on a cloud computing platform in the Philippines. This Cloud Suite is composed of PreOp, IntraOP, Recovery, Acute Pain, Remote Assist, Bookings, and Chronology modules. 

The most recent addition to this line of Getz products and services is the Analytics Dashboard which gives much more relevance and significance on the use of this technology in a health care setting. Kristian Sumabat, Head of Analytics stated at the launch ‘With its inclusion, the Philippines is set to experience an evidence-based perioperative medical practice to set the bar higher for the Philippines quality of health care in peri-anaesthesia speciality.’

Dr. Ma. Assunta Mendoza (Chair of Anaesthesiology) from Medical Centre Manila, the pioneer user of Getz Clinical PeriOperative Software shared that: 

“As the first product champion of Getz Clinical’s PeriOperative software, I am very pleased to be a recipient of what modern technology has to offer, as made possible by a world leader in clinical information systems. It’s great to hear that they are offering an on-line platform for medical doctors with this partnership. I am confident that they will be able to sustain the quality of products and service they provide”

Getz Clinical Philippines Team, together with the company’s CPO, assisted at least 800 attendees of the convention towards better health care practice experience with the myriad of Getz Clinical services offered in 4 continents including Asia, Australasia, Africa and Europe.

What's Next?

This partnership will continue the emerging application of health IT in Asia bringing quality health care to everyone through Getz Clinical Software and Services.

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