Getz Clinical releases Analytics for their perioperative information management system

SINGAPORE, 17 June 2016

Global clinical software development company, Getz Clinical, today released the latest version of its Analytics module, a cloud computing-based module used by hospitals to manage the performance of perioperative departments and aid clinical research.

Analytics is a module in the Getz Clinical Cloud software suite, the world's first cloud computing solution for perioperative information management systems. Getz Clinical Cloud has been adopted by hospitals as a replacement for paper-based patient record keeping processes.

'Our software captures anywhere up to 50 times more patient vitals than are traditionally documented on hand-written reports' said Mr Stephen Fitzgerald, Chief Information Officer of Getz Clinical and product visionary.

'This is achieved by recording patient data sourced directly from patient monitoring and ventilator equipment, and data keyed by clinicians on medical-grade touch screen devices. Clinicians obtain more patient data with less effort, which ultimately leads to improved patient outcomes.

‘It’s really the start of the Internet of Things (IoT) where devices are connected to the enterprise to collect data and create knowledge.'

Each year, Getz Clinical Cloud documents an average of 6,000 patient sessions and records 20 million patient vitals in each hospital using our clinical modules.

'The wealth of patient data that is captured offers hospitals big data analysis capabilities' Mr Fitzgerald said. 'We designed Getz Clinical Analytics to collate patient data into logical datasets for ease of use in reporting, for identifying improvements in operational efficiencies and for clinical studies. Hospitals use Analytics to make informed decisions and then action them.'

Mr Fitzgerald said that the big data capabilities of Getz Clinical Cloud was why a cloud computing solution was adopted. 'Today, hospital enterprises are demanding applications that provide big picture snapshots of their operating characteristics. They are requesting large data sets, which can be filtered to provide meaningful summaries that support clinical and operational decisions.'

Getz Clinical Cloud uses a fully managed cloud computing, petabyte-scale data warehouse to manage these large datasets.

'The plus side of a cloud computing solution is a hospital's ability to interrogate big data sourced from an enterprise with multiple hospitals within its network. This opens up opportunities for even more detailed clinical and operational research, and the Analytics module is the first step in achieving this.'

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